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A Cloud for Climbing: Tight Eye Tie Dye

A Cloud for Climbing releases Tight Eye Tie Dye album A Cloud for Climbing — Tight Eye Tie Dye

Release date(s): May 4
Our Rating: 4.5/5
Spec Recs: “Forever Endeavor,” “Sprinkles”
In one word: Infectious

If you are a fan of The Album Leaf, Washed Out or especially Tycho, then you are going to love local electronic guru A Cloud for Climbing. I had the pleasure of seeing Brock Lefferts perform his repertoire live at the Crescent Ballroom last December, and I was immediately captivated by his sound. Lefferts balances dreamy guitar licks over breezy ambient tracks that will leave you feeling lost in the songs…in a good way! It’s not a rock album and it’s not an electronica album; it’s inbetween. Words to best describe the album: infectious, thought-provoking, and brilliant.

Over the River, Over the Woods” begins the album, and this song is meant to place you lost in the woods. With bird chirps and the crunch of leaves underneath your footsteps, it’s a song any transcendental writer can get into. If Henry David Thoreau was listening to an iPod during his journeys in nature, this would be his jam. A six-minute journey through deep, meaningless strolls and swims as the guitar plucks its way through the breeze, this track will keep you carrying on to the last note.

Dala” is a pick-me-up from the wilderness stroll. Lefferts’ guitar whirls and infectious beats entrance you in this catchy, dynamic track. An angelic string synth chimes in about halfway through, and you can’t help but gravitate your ear to the sound as the melody repeats. Five minutes into the track, the level of the song bumps up a notch as Lefferts lays down the law with his intense guitar playing.

Sprinkles” is easily the Washed Out-influenced single of the album. With a beat that finds you nodding your head and jam-dancing during the intro, you’re stuck. You can’t un-dance your way out of the song. The song kind of reminds me of the Rainbow Road level on Super Mario Kart: the dreamy synths and the 8-bit melody that is motivating enough to kick it into star power and beat your opponent. My only complaint is that the song is only three minutes long…I need more sprinkles!

Missed in the Mist, Found in the Fog” already wins best song title. This track is more guitar-driven than synth-driven, and it allows Lefferts to shine on his guitar. The melody is memorable and I catch myself singing along to it and inserting my own lyrics. It’s a great melody, truly. The guitars kick it into high gear at 3:12 and Lefferts is a slaying-guitar god over the crashing beat. The song drops down at 4:06 and you’re left with that melody in your head, until everything chimes in again at 4:32. If there was ever a song that captured intensity and extreme feels, it would be this song.

Light black” has a Radiohead feel to its introduction: simple guitars with a distinctive beat and the sound of children in the background. While it is not a strong track, it is a perfect palette cleanser. The first half of the album is already all over the map, that in order to continue onto Side B, you need a refresh: this track is just that. It’s a simple, subtle transitional tune that will rejuvenate your ears, and it’s perfect. At 3:28 the song picks up and you’re ready to take on the remains of the album. You’ve wiped off the blood, rehydrated, put in your mouth guard, and now you can get back in the ring for another round of pounding-amazement that this album delivers.

Moontied” is a spacey track that sends you beyond the stars, and it was a nice change to hear a tambourine in the mix with the beats. I cannot help but love how much guitar is involved on this album: with most electronica-rock bands, the guitar gets buried underneath synths, or the guitar is playing a synth track. But the way Lefferts delicately dances with his guitar is beautiful. At 4:10, the build-up brings you to a blast-off at 4:31 that is so heavy and intense, you’ll want to jump and dance.

Dusty August” is the ballad track of the album. If Justin Vernon had an electronica project, this is what it would sound like, just without Vernon’s famous falsetto cries. Acoustic guitar is brought into this track to embellish the romance of the song as it lingers to and fro from highs and lows.

A bridge: unabridged” is definitely the most experimental track on the record. It’s up and down and loud and soft and high and low: it’s everywhere. The beat is inconsistent, so it’s a bit hard to dance to it, and the high-pitched synth melody is distracting. Personally, not my favorite track on the record, but it’s okay to not like one song on an album of great tunes. Fortunately, the track is the shortest one on the album, so I’m able to enjoy the rest of the album at its full capacity.

Forever Endeavor” ends the album, and once again, a brilliant song title with a play on words. Quite possibly one of my favorite tracks on the album, the soulful cry in the acoustic guitar and the subtle teasing of the electric guitar, paired with the tambourine-and-snare hits over a shuffled synth track has me in high approving smiles. Ending the song with acoustic guitar, claps, and a choir of “ooh”s is sheer brilliance. Eventually, the electronica kicks back in and you have an explosion of musical talent in all mediums (acoustic, electric, and digital) that leaves the album on a bright note.


  1. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Moontied is so good.

  2. Saw this dude live several times and was blown away. Cannot wait for this album.

  3. I am in love with this album. It’s the perfect music to play while I’m writing, relaxing, eating Doritos, anything really. I can’t wait to see Brock open for New Young Pony Club at Crescent Ballroom on May 12th. He’s a genuinely great guy–hilarious and wildly talented. I know there’s nothing but incredible things in store for him.

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing A Cloud for Climbing live a few months ago. As amazing as Brock’s music is on this album, it’s even better live. His passion for music is palpable, and with so many layers to his music, it’s hard to believe he’s a one-man show. Definitely give this a listen!


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