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80/20 Records Signs Future Loves Past, Captain Squeegee, Palms

80/20 records, palms, future loves past, flp, captain squeegee, phoenix music, phoenix record label, phoenix music news, tempe music, arizona bandsLocal record company 80/20 Records recently announced the signing of three local bands: Future Loves PastCaptain Squeegee and PALMS.

The Phoenix-based label’s primary mission is to offer artists the tools necessary to launch their careers, which includes giving them 80 percent of royalties.

Tempe‘s Future Loves Past formed in September 2010. Despite the recent news that guitarist Mike Anderson has stepped down, the folk-pop group has several new projects in the works. FLP will release a two-song single “Mercury/Saturn (The Serpent and the Owl)” on Dec. 8 at The Rogue Bar, and perform its sci-fi concept album Our Solar System live at The Sail Inn on Dec. 29. Last year, The Spec interviewed member Tristan DeDe about band influences, inspiration and more. Read the Q & A here.

Captain Squeegee has been around since 2003 and though the lineup has changed over the years, the name is still associated with “fusing jazz, indie, & rock in ways you’ve never heard before.” The septet has plans to head into the studio early next year to begin working on an album to follow up the 2008 release of Nothing vs Everything.

PALMS is a four-piece “beach soul” band from Tempe. The group has only been playing together since April but has developed a strong fanbase since its “Oasis/Coyotes” release. PALMS will be at  SXSW 2013 as part of KWSS’ “All AZ TMI Radio Showcase” and is currently recording new music with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket. Read The Spec‘s recent What I Learned at Bandcamp interview with the band here.


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