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Peachcake’s Christmas Gift

Arizona‘s Peachcake is giving everyone a special present for Christmas. And though it’s not customary to open gifts early, they’re allowing it this year.

Lead Stefan Pruett‘s dislike of Christmas music inspired him to write the “best Christmas song ever,” or rather, “What Happens When Santa’s Sleigh Gets Lost?!

Though the title seems light hearted, the song explores a serious reality.

“This is a song I made in response to the many deaths that seem to happen toward the end of the year, right as we’re heading into the ‘happiest,’ most ‘celebratory’ time of the year.” writes Pruett. “This song is for my brother, and all my friends who have lost someone or many around this time and know what it feels like to get dragged through the time with a shocked smile on their face.”

Thanks for a gift that keeps on giving, Peachcake.

Song: What Happens When Santa’s Sleigh Gets Lost?!

Download the song for free from the band’s SoundCloud.


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