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The Yellow Bird Project

In 2006, Matthew Stotland and Casey Cohen set out to “conquer the world.” Their victory was Yellow Bird Project, a non-profit organization that merges philanthropy, art and music.

The Yellow Bird Project is a form of “indie philanthropy.” Its mission is threefold: 1. Raise money for charitable causes. 2. Establish awareness about charities and organizations, causes and philanthropy. 3. Boost profiles of independent musicians.

Stotland and Cohen began their journey with little to no connections, but they wanted to make a difference and were confident that musicians would support their cause. They were right. Devendra Banhart was the first artist to contribute.

To date, YBP has worked with over 30 musicians and charities. Profits benefit the charity of the musicians’ choice.

“You can think of us as a tree of creativity,” reads the website, “with branches joining together indie musicians, charitable organizations, and t-shirts with a fashionable punch.”

Since its inception five years ago, the project has grown to include more than t-shirts. The Indie Rock Coloring Book is an interactive product that features over 25 designs illustrated by Andy J. Miller. The Indie Rock Poster Book features 30 removable posters with artwork done by illustrators such as Andy J. Miller, Mike Perry and Deanne Cheuk.

For more information, or to see the newest t-shirt designs from Freelance Whales and Dry the River, visit the Yellow Bird Project website.

P.S. The project has its own theme song, “A Field of Birds,” written and performed by The Tallest Man On Earth. Listen below and download here.


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