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YACHT’s Claire L. Evans Releases ‘High Frontiers’

Claire L. Evans, YACHT, High Frontiers, Claire Evans book

Claire L. Evans is an artist, full-time leading lady of YACHT and unbeknownst to many, a part-time science journalist. Yes, a science journalist. In her newly released book, “High Frontiers,” Evans shares a collection of essays on the unknown, art, space and science.

In her own words:

I’ve been a working science journalist for almost ten years: writing for for magazines, the web, newspapers, and producing original video and web content as a science communicator and educator. This is part of why YACHT looks and sounds the way it does.


This collection brings together essays, interviews, and criticism from five years of general inquiry about science, technology, science fiction, culture, art, space, the unknown, and everything in between. Many were originally published on my blog, Universe.

Published by Oregon‘s Publication Studio, “High Frontiers” is available as a soft cover, $22, and DRM-free ebook, $10. Purchase it here.

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