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Whitestone Offers ‘First Interactive Music Platform’

Whitestone Music Platform

Whitestone is a new music project with the goal to “do for interactive music experiences what MTV did for the music video.” The platform recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its efforts over the next few years. Founded and designed by Roey Tsemah, Whitestone is a social platform, music-listening channel and online tip jar — a music channel unlike anything the Internet has witnessed. It is the collaborative effort of music lovers, programmers and innovators.

Details of the project, as explained in a press release:

The kind of interactive music experiences Whitestone enable are bespoke, personalized and with a collectable value. Whitestone members can play out interactive experiences in one place and enjoy a world where artwork and creativity runs free from the limits of other online music services, a new spiritual home for the digital record collection.


Whitestone will be a social network of true music fans bringing together thousands of micro communities around the globe that account for most of the music industry’s earnings. Whitestone’s business model is based on a new online concept that’s inspired by a very old one – a digital tip jar. Members can tip and get tipped for posts on the platform…

Watch a preview video of Whitestone below, and stay up to date on news by following along on Facebook and Twitter

Do you think this could solve some of the problems within the music industry? Sound off in the comments…

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