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Vinyl: Mini Documentary by Greg Harshfield

Vinyl is a new documentary by Phoenix filmmaker Gregory Harshfield.

The 20-minute film explores the significance of statistics released by Nielsen Company that show that more vinyl was sold in 2011 than any year since the early 1990s.

Vinyl includes commentary from T. J. Jordan (owner of Revolver Records), Tim Stamper (of Tracks in Wax), Dario Miranda (manager of Stinkweeds), Dan Mazza (owner of Arizona Hi-Fi) and DJ Alex Vonotovich (better known as DJentrification).

Some may not understand how an old format is able to survive (and grow) in the midst of a digital age spoiled by convenience. But vinyl enthusiasts and collectors, who have always favored this format, know that the tangible artwork, limited releases, and warm and different sound is not found any other recorded form.

“Music, for me, is one of those things that should not have been made convenient because, I believe, things that you love should not be made convenient,” says Miranda.


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