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Le Rewind ‘Tribute to the Fallen’ Benefit Show at The Lost Leaf

Illustrious-Few-228-Media-Le-Rewind-Tribute-to-the-Fallen-at-The-Lost-Leaf-Kyle-DaShawn-Greyson-Esprit-I-Dee“Sometimes the people we love are taken from us, sent home up above for reasons unknown.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, The Lost Leaf will host Le Rewind: “Tribute to the Fallen,” a benefit show being organized by Chicago-born, now Phoenix-based, artist Kyle DaShawn. The passing of loved ones is a reality that no one wants to experience, but everyone does. “Tribute to the Fallen” will include live performances by DaShawn, I-Dee and Greyson Esprit; live art by Noelle “The Bird” Martinez; music by Fresh85, Mane One and Matthias James; and giveaways. The 21+ event is free, but donations will be accepted for The MISS Foundation, and the family of Tyrice Thompson, former ASU student and football player who passed away earlier this month, after being stabbed at Martini Ranch.

The Spec connected with DaShawn to find out more details about the gathering and people involved, read the interview below…

The Spec: Who are the featured musicians for the tribute show?
Kyle DaShawn: I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous artists over the years, and for this particular event, I wanted to share the stage with two individuals who have been by my side for quite some time now.

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Illustrious Few, Greyson Esprit, The Lost Leaf, Tribute to the Fallen, Phoenix music, Phoenix artist

Greyson Esprit

First up we have I-Dee, a very talented lyricist and poetic visionary. Also known as In-Depth, together we originally founded Team Up Music in 2002 (much respect to Kutlass Supreme and Kash Biz) and haven’t looked back since. I-Dee is somewhat like updated backpack rap meets mainstream underground, varying from melodic songwriting to emcee battle rap and more.

Greyson Esprit is a mellow groove vocalist/guitarist, another good friend of mine with a sound I like to refer to as soulful indie acoustic rock funk jazz.

I appreciate the dedication to their craft, and I respect the growth and development of both of these artists over time. I’m looking forward to blessing the stage with these two aspiring creative individuals, and it will definitely be a good time across the board in loving memory.

Noelle Martinez, Phoenix art, Noelle "The Bird" Martinez, The Bird, The Lost Leaf, Tribute to the Fallen

Art by Noelle Martinez

TS: Can you paint a picture of what attendees can expect to experience at the event?
KD: We want to promote positive energy and a feel good atmosphere to celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have passed on. Le Rewind at The Lost Leaf is a FREE event, located in a very intimate setting with quite an eclectic following. This particular event is prime for fans of soulful, acoustic rock and alternative hip-hop.

Noelle “The Bird” Martinez will be doing some live painting on the scene as DJ Fresh 85, Mane One, and Matthias James provide us with a fresh soundscape via turntables. We also have some vendors joining us for the evening, including giveaways from Rack x Stack, Bobby Fresh, King & Duck, and Rack ‘Em Up Shop.

We will be accepting donations for the family of Tyrice Thompson, as well as The MISS Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to loved ones lost. Vendors will be donating a portion of their proceeds, and The Illustrious Few will be matching all donations. Special thanks to everyone involved!

Illustrious Few, Kyle DaShawn, The Lost Leaf, Tribute to the Fallen, Phoenix art, Phoenix music

Kyle DaShawn

TS: Why is “Tribute to the Fallen” and the MISS Foundation important to you and why should it be important to the community?
KB: Losing someone close to you is something we can all relate to, and the main theme behind “Tribute to the Fallen” is a celebration of life and remembrance. Originally planned back in January, this is a very delicate show to me, as I lost my best friend to heart complications right after high school in 2006. Ian Antone Morley, Jr. was born on Feb. 20, so we wanted to schedule the show as close to that date as possible.

As some of you may know, another brother and good friend of mine recently passed on Feb. 2, 2013. Tyrice Thompson was also a great inspiration to my life, and due to the unfortunate circumstances, this show means more to me now than ever.

[pullquote]“Tribute to the Fallen” will be a night we rejoice, remembering the loved ones we’ve lost and the moments we cherish. Healing through art and music is my greatest gift, and on this night, I want to share our joyous memories with the entire community.[/pullquote]

I’ve known Dr. Joanna Cacciatore of the MISS Foundation for over a decade now, growing up with her son Cameron after first moving to Arizona. Upon discovering her organization for bereaved parents, I introduced her to my mother (who also lost a daughter at still birth), and we’ve had the opportunity of watching the MISS Foundation develop into a global non-profit heartfelt system. Together we can help one another in tough times, because we’ve all experienced death in some form. It’s a part of life. The MISS Foundation is an asset to the community and the world as we know it, offering an outlet for grief support and therapy.

TS: Is there anything else you would like readers to know about you, this event or the cause itself?
KD: Life is far too short! If you love someone please tell them. Don’t let the little things keep you apart because the distance is never worth it in the end. You woke up this morning for reason, so make it count! I appreciate you all. Thanks Spec!

We will also be accepting donations for the new “Rest in Peace” project from Truly Rees, the moniker of Tyrice Thompson, and DJ John Blaze for the family of Thompson.

For more details, or to RSVP, visit the official event page on Facebook.

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