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The AutistiX Band Brings Awareness to Autism

The AustiX, autism awareness, autistic band

The AutistiX is a six-piece rock band from the UK with a unique twist — members Saul Zur-Szpiro (drums, vocals), Luke Steels (bass, vocals), and Jack Beaven-Duggan have autism. Not only have the three youngest AutistiX musicians not allowed their autism to hold them back, they are encouraging others to pursue the things that make them happy. The band put out its debut EP, Butterflies and Demons, in May 2013. More recently, it released first music video for the track “Just the Same” and have been busy booking tours and gigs around the world. AutistiX plays a mix of original music and cover songs of Nirvana, Coldplay, The Beatles, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Oasis and more.

Check out The Guardian’s video feature on the band as it prepared for Autism’s Got Talent…

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