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The All Night Diner Offers Recording Sessions in Old School Bus

The All Night Diner Studio

All Night Diner is an old school bus that has been transformed into a mobile recording studio. The 38-foot studio on wheels currently makes stops in Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles, offering everything musicians might need to record. That includes a Blue mic, MBox Pro Interface and Pro-Tools, as well as a Wurlitzer piano, Deering Goodtime banjo, stove, dining table, bar and fridge.

According to the studio website:

The All Night Diner has five deep cycle batteries all rated with a capacity of 122 amp hours each. This allows us to supply electricity for all devices and equipment, while also removing the necessity of having a generator running, which can sometimes be noisy and anoying. The power is supplied to all AC devices through a 2000 watt DC/AC inverter. […] These batteries all are charged exclusively from the engines alternator, which has been upgraded to supply up to 180 amps. (oh oh hoah hoh! ‘in Tim Allen voice’. Solar panels are indeed in the future plans as the budget increases.

The Diner is run by Nicholas “The Captain” Siemion, a musician who is also “proficient in film, sustainability, electricity, zero point energy, travel, nomadic living, and reycling/dumpster diving.” Originally from Bothell, Wash., Siemion has spent the last five years busking on the streets to earn enough money to make ends meet — utilizing all his skills to improve his hustle.

The space serves as a studio and also the setting for take-away shows where musicians perform a la Black Cab Sessions, La Blogotheque and many others. For more information, including how to hire Siemion or set up a recording session, visit the official website.

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