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The Talkhouse: Reviews of Musicians, by Musicians

TheTalkhouse, music reviews, album reviews, new releases, laurie anderson, animal collective, andrew w.k., omar souleyman, yeezus, kanye west, lou reed, moby, r.kelly, musician reviews, reviews by musicians“I wonder what Laurie Anderson thinks of Animal Collective‘s Centipede Hz.” (spoiler alert)
“How does Moby feel about R. Kelly‘s music?” (spoiler alert)
“Has Andrew W.K. ever listened to Omar Souleyman?” (spoiler alert)
“What would Lou Reed say about Yeezus?” (spoiler alert)

Said no one, ever.
Said the people behind The Talkhouse.

The online publication, which is still in beta mode, launched in March 2013 with the goal to share reviews of musicians, by musicians. Is it fair for non-musicians to anaylze the art of the musically inclined? Do music critics and journalists have it all wrong, all the time?

The answers to these questions are debateable, but The Talkhouse is starting a new discourse — what do notable musicians think about the releases by artists of the moment? The media already spends a lot of time and energy asking musicians to comment on the personal details or behaviors of their colleagues (read: gossip), so why not get their thoughts on the music? It’s interesting to hear the perspective of another artist, especially those who have a different style and aesthetic.

If you’re looking for some new reading material, browse the site’s. New reviews are posted frequently, and there are also features and forums for your viewing pleasure.

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