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The Stone Foxes Launches ‘Goodnight, Moon’ Project

The Stone Foxes, Goodnight, Moon Project

San Francisco rock ‘n’ rollers The Stone Foxes recently launched the Goodnight, Moon project in an effort to give back to the community during the holiday season. The project is designed to bring attention to the ever-growing issue of homelessness.

Earlier this year, the band released its third album, Small Fires, featuring the track “Goodnight, Moon,” which drummer Shannon Koehler was inspired to write based on scenes he witnessed in his daily life. “In the morning, coming out of an underground train station in SF, you’re sure to see homeless people who have slept in the cold the night before,” Koehler says. “It’s easy to become desensitized over time. I wrote the lyrics as a reminder to keep my eyes open.”

While on tour in support of Small Fires, The Stone Foxes joined forces with SuperFood Drive to spread the message about homelessness. At every stop along the tour, the band teamed up with local food banks and encouraged fans to get involved by bringing non-perishable food donations to the shows. The Stone Foxes’ project eventually blossomed into a musical collaboration between the shelter beneficiaries and the food bank.

“The first recording we did at a shelter was a man named Walter who had lived under a freeway” Koehler says, “he sang our song about cold nights in the city. After we stopped rolling, he called me over and told me how much the song meant to him. You don’t forget things like that. Goosebumps and watery eyes were the norm at these sessions. At shelters on tour and at home in San Francisco, people who know hard times have sang with us and shared their stories. It’s been an honor to listen. We’re just trying to share their voices.”

The “Goodnight, Moon” recording, along with a video showcasing the process and participants, is to be released before the end of this year. For more information, visit the project website.

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