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Stinkweeds T-Shirt Design Contest

In May, Stinkweeds turns 25 years old. To celebrate this milestone, the local record store is giving patrons the opportunity to design a Stinkweeds t-shirt.

Stinkweeds has always tried to be more than just a Record Store. We would like to think of ourselves as a strong presence in the community. But, we can only appreciate it from our side. You’re the ones who really know what this store means to you and the music community. So, we’re giving you a chance to express that through your art.

The record store is encouraging creativity and only requesting that the design includes “Stinkweeds” and “maybe something about being open for 25 years.”

Completed designs should be posted on the Stinkweeds Facebook wall. Keep an eye on the store’s Facebook for contest updates, including an exact submission deadline. The tentative deadline is set for the end of February.

In the preliminary round, designs will be voted on by the general public through post “likes.” Stinkweeds staff will then choose their favorite from the five designs with the most “likes.”

And the prize? “I’m sure we can come up with a nice little prize for the winner, if having a bunch of record store nerds wearing your design isn’t enough,” reads the event page.


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