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Better Than Something: Jay Reatard at FilmBar

Two years ago, Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., better known by his stage name Jay Reatard, passed away. He was only 29 years old.

On Saturday, March 10, FilmBar will screen Better Than Something: Jay Reatard, a film by Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz. Following the film there will be live performances by The Wongs, Lovin’ Vein and Destruction Unit.

Lindsey spent the majority of his short life involved in music. He began making homemade recordings at the ripe age of 15 and his professional recording career began thereafter. Lindsey worked as a solo musician under the moniker Jay Reatard but was also involved in The Reatards, Lost Sounds, Evil Army, Bad Times, Terror Visions, Angry Angles, Digital Leather, The Final Solutions and Nervous Patterns.

Lindsey was a vocalist, songwriter, bassist, percussionist, guitarist and keyboardist.

Better Than Something: Jay Reatard features footage taken of Lindsey in 2009, as well as never-before-seen home videos and concert footages, and cameos from Lindsey’s loved ones and peers.

“What I do is not about being comfortable with the world. I was tossed into this place and I’ll be tossed out. All the stuff in between, it’s a big fucking fight,” said Lindsey.

The movie will air at FilmBar on Saturday, March 10 at 9:30 P.M.. Live music will begin shortly after the screening. Tickets for the film and show are a combined $12. RSVP for the event on Facebook, or visit the FilmBar website for more information.

FilmBar will host additional showings on Sunday, March 11 at 5 P.M. and 7 P.M. and Monday, March 12 at 7:30 P.M..


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