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Sofar Sounds Reaches the Valley

Solar Sounds, secret shows

Photo by Karen Gallagher

Sofar Sounds has been striving to “reinvigorate the way people enjoy music and make a major difference in the lives of up-and-coming artists and bands” since 2009. In its six years, the project has extended its reach beyond its London home base and is now in more than 200 big cities across the globe, including Phoenix.

“We’ve persuaded Phoenix locals to open up their homes or unique spaces to individually selected guests, using an email RSVP and private response method through a global email list,” writes Sofar Sounds’ Phoenix coordinator Lisa Martinez. “Typically three to five acts play short acoustic or stripped-down sets of four songs each. The bands are not announced until the day of the show and the location is kept secret, as well – until a couple of days prior.”

Some of the recent SS acts: Hozier, Bastille, BOY, DeVotchKa and NO. The project has also played host to special musical sessions at popular festivals such as CMJ, NXNE and SXSW. The next Phoenix event is scheduled for Nov. 22apply here. Those invited will be contacted a week before the event to confirm their spots and 24 hours in advance with details on the secret venue.

Keep in mind that the shows are secret so it’s important to stay hush, hush. Don’t expect to find out the performing acts in advance. For more information about Sofar Sounds, visit the official website, or follow Phoenix news on Facebook.

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