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Secret Broadcast Records with 3-D Printed Instruments

Secret Broadcast band, 3-D instruments, One Born Every Minute song, Filthy Souls

Secret Broadcast, an alternative rock band based in Toronto, has shared a unique production of “One Born Every Minute.” This song, which is featured on 2014’s Filthy Souls LP, was recently recorded using 3-D printed instruments.

The band —Matt Lightstone, Keith Heppler, Curt Harding and Will Bennett— is signed to Entertainment One and has been active since 2006. It has garnered a lot of acclaim since the release of Filthy Souls, which was produced by Adam Kasper and recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle.

On how the 3-D idea came to be, lead singer Lightstone says: ”About a month ago, we were having a few drinks while brainstorming some ideas for our new video when we overheard someone at the next table discussing 3-D printers. Five minutes later we had our concept. We thought it would be a blast to make our own 3-D printed instruments and record a song with them. It hasn’t been done before, and we were all curious to find out how they would sound.”

The instruments were printed with help from 3D Systems and Agile Manufacturing, and the track was recorded at Dream House Studios in Toronto. Watch the video for “One Born Every Minute” below to see clips of the printing process and recording session…

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