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Young Entrepreneurs to Launch ReThink Records, a Subscription-Based Label

ReThink Records, Phoenix record label, indie record label

ReThink Records founder Jordan “Squirrel” Tomaeno | Photo courtesy of Lars Prandelli

“Music is great, the music industry sucks.”


Jordan “Squirrel” Tomaeno and Zach James think it’s time to rethink the music industry. Their vision will come to life this February when the 20-somethings launch the ReThink Records, a subscription-based label for indie artists. Video, audio, public relations, marketing, publishing, booking and promotion will all be available through the membership program.

Tomaeno and James don’t want to “punish artists for becoming successful” through post-production sales and royalties. Instead, the two intend to charge a flat, monthly fee that ensures all of their artists are given strong support not limited by fine print.

“We love what we do. Our artists love what they do. You will love what we make together,” says James in a press release.

To celebrate the launch of the new label, ReThink has organized an event at The Rebel Lounge on Feb. 3, its launch date. It will include live performances of the artists signed to the label. The label currently supports five artists, including 18-year-old singer Jade Sandra. General admission to the 16+ event is just $5.

Keep an eye on the website for updates and read short bios of Tomaeno and James below…

About founder Jordan “Squirrel” Tomaeno
The ringleader of ReThink, Jordan “Squirrel” Tomaeno is the big picture visionary who is doing the music industry differently. Obsessed with sound, Squirrel remembers poking on the family Wurlitzer at a young age and being frustrated when his first recordings didn’t sound like recordings he coveted by his favorite musicians. It took him years to teach himself about the physics of sound. Tomaeno cut his teeth on building home studios and starting a small music venue in a Prescott guitar shop’s basement. After some success in Prescott, he found his way back to Phoenix, where he worked as an engineer under TallCat’s Tom Whiting. Behind the soundboard, he met young songstress Jade Sandra who challenged him to record pop songs. With five artists who run the genre gamut from hip-hop to indie, Tomaeno says the unifying factor of a ReThink artist is honest, visceral lyricism and a desire to do something different with their music.
Plays: Piano, guitar, synthesizer


About co-founder Zach “Studio Mom” James
Zach James has been going to punk and jazz shows since he was in utero. A band geek in school and an experimental ska-screamo artist in his childhood living room, he explored any instrumentation and musical spectrum he could get his ears on. An Arizona local, he looked up to Valley bands like Captain Squeegee and the Soap Suds from the pit of the Marquee. Affectionately referred to as the “studio mom,” James is founder Jordan Tomaeno’s right-hand man. When he’s not managing the minutia of running a business, James can be found behind brass and string instruments in the studio.
Plays: Trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar, banjo, ukelele, mandolin, drums, vocals

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  1. Thanks for your inspiration, I hope to meet up, I play guitar, wishing Zach and Jordan all the best, Gregg Roberts,

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