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Phoenix Rock Lottery Divides 20 Local Musicians Into Four Supergroups

Crescent Ballroom, Psyko Steve Presents, Phoenix Rock Lottery, Rosie's House, Mergence, Dry River Yacht Club, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Lymbyc Systym, Emby Alexander, Ladylike, The Love Blisters, Fun., Captain Squeegee, Avery, Black Carl, There is Danger, The Whisperlights, The Tobie Milford Quartet, Source Victoria, Jimmy Eat World, Her & Gold, Bears of Manitou, This Century, Sweetbleeders, The Stereo, Let Go, Pick and Holler, Wooden IndianSweat and tears, bright talent and tender loving care has led to the blossoming of Arizona‘s music community. Phoenix may not be a music hub just yet, but it sure is looking vibrant these days. Fans of the local scene can get another look at the beautifully talented musicians we call our own on Sunday, Feb. 9 at Phoenix Rock Lottery, presented by Psyko Steve.

On the morning of Feb. 9, a lottery will be held in which 20 musicians from local acts will be divided up into four supergroups. These groups will then have the remainder of the day to write three original songs and learn one cover. By 8 P.M. that Sunday, the one-day supergroups will be sharing their sets in front of an audience at Crescent Ballroom. The event is 21+ and proceeds will benefit Rosie’s House, an academy dedicated to providing Phoenix youth with music education.

So who are the 20 musicians participating? Jason Roedl (Mergence), Henri Benard (Dry River Yacht Club), David Cooper (Snake! Snake! Snakes!), Mike Bell (Lymbyc Systym), Michael Alexander (Emby Alexander), Rob Kroehler (Ladylike, The Love Blisters, Fun.), Danny Torgersen (Captain Squeegee), Mariah Deraet (Avery), Matthew Noakes (Black Carl), Illya Riske (There Is Danger, The Whisperlights), Tobie Milford (The Tobie Milford Quartet), Aaron Wendt (Source Victoria), Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World), Maria Sais de Sicilia (Her & Gold, Bears of Manitou), Sean Silverman (This Century), Robin Vining (Sweetbleeders, Jimmy Eat World), David Moroney (Wooden Indian), Lindsay Cates (Pick and Holler), Jamie Woolford (The Stereo, Let Go), and a mystery musician!

Below, learn a little more about how the lottery came to be in our Q & A with Stephen Chilton and get as close to winning the lottery as you might ever and enter to win tickets to the show…

How did this idea for an event come to be?
I saw someone else do this concept and thought it would be rad to do in Phoenix. After I announced it I found at that the person I stole the idea from stole it from some one else. Turns out people do this all over the country, I had no idea. I love when artists do collaborations like this so I when I saw it I immediately wanted to make one happen.

How were the participating musicians chosen?
I chose the musicians I wanted to see most do this, just all my friends and people I like working with. I think all of these people bring a lot to the table and cant wait to see what they come up with.

Are there plans to do this again in the future?
Lets get past the first one before I start thinking about a second one!!!

Of the musicians who are participating, who would you personally see perform together?
I have seen a lot of these people do stuff together before. I am looking forward to seeing some combinations of people who don’t know each other. Would love to see some completely random combinations that would not happen on their own.

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Two winners will be contacted by email on Friday, Feb. 8.

Giveaways not your thing? Purchase tickets online through Ticketfly.

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