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Phoenix Composer Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer at soundSCAPE in Italy

SoundSCAPE 2013, Orange Theatre Group, Emby Alexander, Blosme Software, Contribute to the Cause, crowdfunding website,The Phoenix Chamber Brass, The Trunk Space, Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer, The Spec, Rosie's House, Italy, music festival, soundSCAPE, Phoenix composerIn recent years, crowdfunding websites have been a go-to source for raising money. Success of these campaigns have led to the creation of films, albums, products and much more.

So when local composer Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer had the opportunity to attend soundSCAPE, a contemporary music festival in Italy, she put her campaign on Contribute to the Cause. The site is different than other crowdfunding platforms in that is focused on projects that seek to enhance communities and change lives.”The guys at Blosme Software (local company) started Contribute to the Cause because their friend was invited to a conference overseas and couldn’t afford the travel costs. That’s why I went with them — because it was set up to accomplish just what I needed,” says Bayer.

Through her campaign, and a recent concert at GreenHaus Gallery, Bayer was able to earn enough money to cover her expenses. At the festival, which runs from June 30 to July 13, Bayer will be a composer-auditor. Instead of taking private lessons at the event, she will sit in on other lessons and compose a piece while at the festival. As she writes on her campaign page, “summer music festivals are one of the best ways for composers to advance their careers by working with some of the best young performers available, forging relationships with new ensembles, and attending intense lessons and master classes with world-renowned composers.”

SoundSCAPE has been in operation for nearly 10 years, facilitating the exchange of ideas, culture and new music. Attendees are able to sharpen their skills with help from experienced and knowledgable faculty, and given the opportunity to be involved in careers, commissions and performances beyond the event.

Bayer hopes that her attendance will bring value to her personal life and career, as well as her community. “It is my job (really, a self-imposed duty since the work of young composers isn’t compensated that often) to seek out new experiences, hone my skills, and try not to write nine symphonies (because we all know what happens after that), and to bring new experiences to a wide range of hungry ears in Phoenix and beyond,” she says on her campaign page.

Her involvement in the Phoenix music scene is notable. She has worked with numerous musicians, publications, venues and organizations, including Orange Theatre Group, Emby Alexander, The Phoenix Chamber Brass, The Trunk Space, The Spec and Rosie’s House. Still, she has plans to do more, “As far as community involvement, I’m hoping to bring together ensembles (string quartets, brass ensembles) and local bands. This stems from my experience working with Emby Alexander and the Phoenix Chamber Brass at the Rosie’s House benefit concert a few months back.”

Learn more about Bayer’s involvement with soundSCAPE on her Contribute to the Cause page , where donations are still being accepted.

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