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Art, collage the internet, music, online studio, social media, technology, to.bea, YACHT is a new online studio that is proving to be more interactive than Tumblr, more original than Pinterest and more inspiring than Facebook. The platform brings together art and technology with the intent to give modern creators an opportunity to express themselves and engage in a way that hasn’t really been done before.

The microblogging site Tumblr had the idea but eventually became a breeding ground for rarely sourced content. It inspires us but has its limitations. Rarely do we get the opportunity to interact with the maker of the content we reblog or see more from the artist whose creative work we gave a” heart.”

Pinterest had the idea when it elevated us to a place of discovery. The site is still intriguing, allowing users to make visual boards full of bookmarks. It’s one big vision board that would make self-fulfilling prophecies blush at all the opportunities. And though it gives us plenty of ideas but the final results of our Pinterest-inspired projects aren’t as easily shared through the platform.

Social-networking site Facebook had the idea, but what was once a popular place to interact with family and friends, both near and far, is now a place for self-indulgence, lurking people’s not-so-private lives, and game app invites that never end. Rarely do we consider Facebook the go-to spot for engaging with like-minded creatives, especially those we don’t know IRL.

So what makes so special? Why should you sign up for an account on another one of these social-driven websites?

Art, collage the internet, music, online studio, social media, technology, to.bea, YACHT

As the press release states:’s expressive, young community of creators is what sets it apart. From classically trained painters to the bedroom pop Soundcloud generation, users are taking the same tools and yielding remarkable results. The intention has been to build an artistic platform that anyone can use, yet one that speaks a very contemporary language. And a very personal language too – freed from any aesthetic imposition or automated process, users can make it theirs, quickly developing a very intimate and unique visual language, as one of a kind as each of the users is.

This platform encourages users them to turn their digital creations into tangible goods through the print shop. For musicians, the site is another way to interact with fans around the world. Los Angeles electropoppers YACHT recently made use of this new space by posting artwork from its new single, encouraging followers to build and print their own creations using the art. is what you make of it. Go on, collage the Internet.

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