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Musicbed Hosts Film Festival Contest

Musicbed film festival

Musicbed was established in 2010 as a site dedicated to providing creatives with the music needed to license their projects. The site has spent years making high-quality, well-curated music accessible to its artist clientele and is now celebrating how this music is utilized with a Musicbed Film Festival.

Entering the film festival is free and easy. People are encouraged to submit their best film that includes Musicbed tracks to one of the six film festival categories (documentary, narrative short, commercial, animation, foreign language, music video) by Aug. 21. Judging the competition will be Kevin Brady, Sam Morrill, Ryan Connolly, Andy Baker, Shane Hurlbut and Mia Bruno.  Winners will receive a free trip to the Musicbed Awards Party, as well as up to $50,000 worth of prizes.

Musicbed Film Fest is a celebration of the films made possible through the powerful relationship of sound and picture. From the first time indie filmmaker to the most influential brands in the world, we want to award the best of the best films featuring Musicbed scores — honoring the landmark work that’s been made and encouraging creatives to continue making impactful films, telling better stories, and changing the hearts of people.

Check out all of the current submissions on the festival site and a letter from Musicbed founder and CEO Daniel McCarthy about the contest.


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