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Three Music-Related Products to ‘Treat Yo Self’

Holiday season is right around the corner, but why wait to indulge? The year is almost over and cool weather is on its way — “treat yo self.” Check out three music-related products that caught The Spec’s attention and are sure to take any music lover or musician up a few notches on the scale of cool…

  • Def Rugs Def Rugs Def Rugs is a New Jersey company, owned and operated by Erick Sermon and Xing N Fox, that specializes in handmade area rugs featuring the name or symbol of some of hip-hop's greatest. The limited-edition, made-to-order carpets are priced at $129 each and perfect for the studio or home. Currently, the website has EPMD, Naughty by Nature and Zulu Nation styles available. Purchase the rugs on Def Squad Digital.
  • Brain Pulse Machine Brain Pulse Machine "...the output of the Brain Pulse Music Machine will be of interest to experimental music listeners and psychosomatic medicine practitioners alike. Conceived by Masaki Batoh...the BPM machine kicks out sheets of sound based on brain waves..." In layman's terms, the device translates human brain waves into sounds. Take that, GoogleTranslate! Purchase the BPM from Drag City Records for $699 here.
  • Cassette Tape Night Light Cassette Tape Night Light Music is the light. No, really. This upcycled mixtape lamp features blank cassette tapes and mini LED lights. The pictured model is priced at $45. Different sizes and light colors are available, check the Break The Record Etsy for more upcycled music products.


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