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Mixtape Mandi Celebrates One Year, Hosts Scavenger Hunt

Mixtape Mandi, Mixtape Mandi Scavenger Hunt, Mandi Kimes If the name Mandi Kimes sounds familiar, it probably is. Kimes has been a familiar face and voice around the Valley in recent years, involving herself in many different projects. She’s been everything from the attention-grabbing songstress of Emby Alexander to a frequent contributor to this here site, The Spec.

Nowadays, Kimes is stepping outside of other people’s projects to step further into her own endeavors. She launched her music blog, Mixtape Mandi, a year ago and the up-and-coming site has proven to be more than just another music blog. Mixtape Mandi has put much time and effort into bringing the community together and enlightening the masses about good music. Count on Kimes to set up events that encourage music sharing (coffee shop sessions, mixtape exchanges), produce weekly podcasts for Radio Adventure Club, carefully curate themed mixes, manage the responsibilities that come with adult life, and still find time to enthusiastically spread her love and knowledge of music.

To celebrate this entrepreneurial milestone, Kimes is organizing a scavenger hunt event on July 26.

Kimes on her inspiration for the event:

I’ve always been a fan of scavenger hunts. I used to host those kind of events for birthday parties back in high school. It was always way more fun than hanging out at someone’s house or going to the movies. It was a creative way to build teamwork and also think outside the box.


For my one year anniversary, I wanted to do something different than hosting a show or another mixtape exchange. I got the idea for a scavenger hunt when I was record shopping with a friend and we came up with the funny idea of recreating funny album covers. Then, other ideas grew from that. (I’d give more details, but the surprise is finding out what the actions/photo opportunities will be revealed at the event).


That’s kind of my style: doing something different. I host mixtape exchanges because no one else does. I host musical scavenger hunts because no one else does. I help out bands because when I was in a band it was difficult to get exposure and assistance from the community. So now, I’m doing what I can to help out local musicians in the most out-of-the-box, creative, different way that I can.

Kimes on how the event will play out:

Everyone meets together at Tempe Beach Park at 11 AM [on Saturday, July 26] where we discuss teams and rules. Each team [of two-four people] is assigned a local record store where they will dig for their photo opportunities and purchase unthinkable items. Points are assigned to each item, photo, etc, and then we all meet back together at Civic Space Park in Phoenix at 2 PM where I collect everything. The winner will be announced the next day. The winning team will receive a $100 donation to a local band of their choice.

RSVP on the Facebook event page, as Kimes will privately send important event details to all who do. Follow along with Mixtape Mandi’s other adventures on her Facebook page.

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