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Letters of Note

In the age of today, it may be hard to imagine sending handwritten letters, using snail mail for short and long-distance communication, and public figures personally interacting with their fans and business affiliates.

But at one point in time, these rarities were not rare at all, and Letters of Note is proof.

Letters of Note is a collection of “correspondence deserving of a wider audience,” in the form of letters, memos, faxes, telegrams and postcards. The website includes more than 600 scans and photos of communication that is rarely seen or known about, usually between well-known figures and their lesser-known fans or people in their industry.

Among many things, here’s what you can read on the site: A thank you letter from Gil Scott-Heron to record executives, George Harrison‘s response to a fan’s request that he purchase him a sitar, and a scribbled apology from Bruce Springsteen to his “landlordess,” in which he writes, “I’m practicing my autograph. Whadya thing?”

Browse the official website for an intimate look at some of the most famous names in history. Correspondence is not limited to musicians, but there is a generous amount of content tagged under music.


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