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Now Open in Glendale: Jivemind Co-Operative Music Lab

There’s a new type of business opening in Glendale. Its name is Jivemind and it’s run by two young entrepreneurs Jeff Rose and Dustin Chaffin.

Rose is an Arizona native and life-long musician. Growing up, he did the all-too-familiar dance through shady rehearsal spaces and lack of resources to facilitate the healthy growth of a young band. Chaffin has lived in Phoenix for several years and on his quest to start a music “hackerspace,” he found Rose. The end result was a complete remodeling of the vacant Bead Museum in downtown Glendale — a flip that turned a failed cultural project into a rehearsal space, full recording studio, venue and essentially, a musician’s wonderland.

The two have been working on the concept for over a year and are proud to announce that Jivemind will officially open on Monday, July 16.

So what will the aspiring drummer, violinist, or band find inside? When you enter the front lobby, to your right you will see a hallway that leads to the recording studio (designed and built by Chaffin himself), a large group rehearsal room (complete with drum riser, drum kit, amps, couch, and other necessary odds and ends also designed by Chaffin), and a decent-sized venue (just look for the baby grand piano- that’s where the stage is). During future concerts, the audience will be camped out in couches and vintage chairs, which I’ve seen in a myriad of configurations. It combines the comfort and intimacy of a house concert with the luxury of a stage and amplification system (used only when it’s needed, of course).

Past the “show room” are a few small practice rooms, set up for the typical singer/songwriter, composer, or solo instrumentalist. The rooms come with a keyboard, computer, and audio interface. Now, if you had swung left after entering the lobby, you would have passed by a classroom/meeting room, listening lounge (the walls are literally lined with records), gaming area (because sometimes you gotta take a break!), and general hangout area with café tables, music scores, theory books, concert DVDs and more. After you take in all of that, you might notice the storefront. This is where musicians can restock on picks, strings, straps and sticks.

The best part is, Jivemind will operate as a co-op. You buy a membership that best suits your needs and will allow you to use Jivemind’s resources. Is your guitar in the shop? Don’t want to lug your amp to rehearsal? Don’t have the means to record your progress at home? Never been to a flute workshop before? No problem, just use the equipment and tools provided. And if you are bringing all of your gear, simply drive up near the front, unload, and then park your car in the free public parking just feet away.

Now that you know how Jivemind works, check it out and meet the owners. Get a bunch of friends together, take the tour, then walk over and enjoy a pint at Haus Murphy’s.

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