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Indiegogo Campaign to Save Flagstaff Venue The Green Room

The Green Room Indiegogo campaign, The Green Room closing, The Green Room venue, flagstaff venues, flagstaff, arizona venues, music venues, indiegogo campaign, fundraiser, music venue“We opened The Green Room on March 1 of 2008 in an attempt to reunite the community through a celebration of art, music, charity and community. We just wanted to have a place where people could come and discuss ways to better the place they live in, figure out cool ways to express their ideas through art and well, just be themselves… Six years, 342 fundraisers, 800+ shows, millions of karaoke songs and countless celebrations of life have transpired,” reads the big, bold text at the top of The Green Room’s Indiegogo campaign.

This Flagstaff venue that has supported local artists of all kinds, made comrades out of citizens, and given back to the community in more ways than one is facing closure. The reason for the shut down is all too common for independently owned businesses — money.

Suffocated by thousands of dollars in tax debt, The Green Room will have to close its doors soon, if it cannot pay off the dues. “We have run out of options to help get out from our previous partner’s tax debt and we are five weeks away from possibly shutting down the venue,” says a newsletter email. “We have spent the last four months pursuing various avenues of funding, loans, etc. to get out of this mess.”

The place that has hosted numerous fundraisers to help others is now raising funds through Indiegogo to support its dream of keeping music, the arts and community alive and well.  By June 20, the owners hope to have earned $55,000 from the Indiegogo campaign. Those who contribute can receive anything from guest list spots for two to ANY 2014 show ($50 pledge) to 49 percent ownership of the venue ($125,000 pledge). Any and all contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

To learn more about the campaign or give a donation, please check out the fundraising website. If you are unable to offer financial support, consider sharing the campaign with friends and family to spread the word.

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