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Ignite Phoenix Mix Tapes Offer Free Samples of Arizona Music

Arizona is not barren of art.

Talent is sprouting up around us, especially in the realms of music.

But, one must know where to look. Here’s our advice: attend shows at locally owned venues that host all-local lineups (Rhythm Room, Crescent Ballroom, Sail Inn, Trunk Space, Nile Theater and more); follow The Spec, as we strive to give a fair amount of local artists the digital ink they deserve; and download Ignite Phoenix Mix Tapes, courtesy of the people at Ignite Phoenix, specifically Erika Delemarre.

The mix tapes, two years in the making, feature music by local acts only. The musicians and Ignite Phoenix have done most of the work. Just click to download and feed the mind the ear candy it’s been craving. Consider it a sampler — 60 bands and 60 songs at no cost to the listener. The hope is that people will nurture what they like and support growth.

Through numerous events held at a variety of venues, Ignite Phoenix seeks to be an “an information exchange for fostering and inspiring Phoenix’s creative community,” reads their website.

Essentially, the collective provides a platform. Climb on top or take a seat and feed your head. Submissions are now being accepted for the forthcoming Ignite Phoenix event on October 26.


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