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Holiday Gift Guide: Under $30, Over $40

music gifts, music-themed gifts, holiday gift guide, gifts for music lovers, gifts for musiciansLast year we filled readers in on 14 music-themed gifts for the holiday season and this year we’re sharing 16 cool products for the music lovers on your shopping list.

There is a little something for everyone and nothing on the list that a Benjamin couldn’t cover (tax and shipping costs excluded).

Check out the gift guide below for options under $30 and over $40…

gifts under $30, music-themed gifts, music gifts, gift guide, under $30 gift guide 1.  MISFITS MUG, $8 – This mug isn’t exactly a “wolf’s footprint,” but it’ll do. Drink up!

2. “WHAT SHE ORDER” TEE, $10 – Kanye West fans will get this reference. Fish fillet, anyone?

3. “THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC” BOOK, $11 – A union of science and the arts. This book “explores the connection between music, its performance, its composition, how we listen to it, why we enjoy it, and the human brain.”

4. ETYMOTIC RESEARCH EARPLUGS, $10 – Protect your ears so you can listen to good music for years to come.

5. TICKET STUB DIARY, $11 – An ideal way for avid concertgoers to store old tickets.

6. SONIC YOUTH BEANIE, $15 – Cool, even if it’s not cool outside. Winter, where you at?

7. HEYDNA FOLDING GIGSTANDACOUSTIC ($21), ELECTRIC ($18) – A gigstand that is small enough for your back pocket.

8. MOOG DOCUMENTARY, $23 – All you’ve ever wanted to know about the Moog synthesiser in a 70-minute documentary.

9. PICK PUNCH, $25 – A neat little gadget that punches picks out of materials, such as old credit cards and badges.

gifts under $40, music-themed gifts, music gifts, gift guide, under $40 gift guide

1. RECORD BOOKENDS, $40 – The hottest, one-of-a-kind vinyl to hit your bookshelves.

2. IRIG STOMP, $60 – “For the first time, guitar and bass players can now integrate their favorite iOS signal processing apps into their existing live pedalboard setup for enhanced tone shaping and effects processing using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.” Oh, technology!

3. BYRNE BUNDLE, $50 – This David Byrne-appreciation bundle includes “How Music Works,” “Arboretum and a music tote bag for the load.

4. MUSIC BUNDLE, $60 – Another bundle! This one allows you to study music history and philosophy courtesy of Byrne, record Beck‘s album on his behalf with Song Reader, and delight in the 2012 Believer Music Issue.

5. VOICE WALL ART, $75 and up – If walls could talk, eh? If your walls are adorned in this wall art, they kind of would. Voice Art Gallery captures your voice (or anything that makes noise) and then transforms it into canvas artwork, which can be customized. Too cool.

6. NOISE HERO, $86 – This is NOT a toy. It is a Lo-Fi Electronic Musical Instrument Noisemaker. Ideal for making silly noises and sound effects.

7. ILP TURNTABLE, $100 – A turntable for less than $100 that allows users to transfer music directly from records to the iPad, iPhone or iPod. You don’t even need a computer!

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