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Gift Ideas: Records Restyled

Some people are vinyl enthusiasts who swear by the belief that there is no greater way to experience recorded music than through a record player. Others could not care less about vinyl when there are gadgets to be had and MP3s to be downloaded. When it comes to the greater population: one decade vinyl is in, and the next, it’s out.

If you’re searching for a music-themed gift for the inbetweener (or yourself), someone who likes the look and feel of vinyl but prefers the convenience and accessibility of MP3s, consider restyled records.

What’s that, you ask? Records that have been recreated into useable items.

Below, check out D.I.Y. tutorials and Etsy shops with revitalized vinyl.

Record bags, $22-30, AProduction Ink Etsy

D.I.Y. Tutorial

Record bowls, $12.95-50.95, Coleraine Creations Etsy

D.I.Y. Tutorial

Record clocks, $29.99-39.99, RecordTime Etsy

D.I.Y. Tutorial

Record bookends, $11.99, RetroGrandma Etsy

D.I.Y. Tutorial

Record candleholder/coaster, $9 (set of 3), MixtapeMedia Etsy

Record housewares, $16-48, RecordRecords Etsy

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