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Exist Elsewhere, NVEEE Partner for Anti-Bullying Tour

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Up-and-coming LA band Exist Elsewhere has partnered with the anti-bullying organization National Voices for Equality Education and Enlightenment, NVEEE, for the REACH 2014 National High School Tour. The tour, which began in Riverside, Calif. on March 7, will stop in 14 cities and six states. REACH visited Phoenix and Tucson between March 9 and March 11, and will return to Arizona on March 25 at Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley.

This tour allows the members to interact face-to-face with listeners through live performances in hopes that their art will help inspire positivity and change. Every lecture features a “beat bully with music” aspect that was specifically designed by NVEEE for this tour. Following each performance, attendees are given a chance to hear more from the band during an intimate Q & A session.

The purpose of the tour is to bring awareness to an issue that exists in many parts of the world and has frightengly been the reason many young people have taken their own lives. According to the tour press release:

The most shocking statistic of bullycide is that every 30 minutes a child takes his or her life as a direct result of bullying. Every day, 30% of American high school students face some kind of bullying, whether they’re the victim or the bully. Even more alarming, 80% of students experience cyber bullying, while 77% of each incident is verbal. Bullying has a profound effect on each victim, giving them emotional and psychological battles to face throughout their life, from depression to poor self-esteem that can derail their everyday lives. Shockingly, in 85% of each of these cases nothing is done to intervene.

EE frontman Noah Benardout holds this campaign close to his heart. Like many others, he has directly witnessed the impact bullying can have. All of the band members share a passion for prevention and outreach when it comes to this problem that is plaguing schools around the world, especially in America.

For more information and tickets, visit the official Exist Elsewhere website. Follow the band’s tour blog for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the tour.

Exist Elsewhere raised more than $20,000 on IndieGoGo to fund the completion and promotion of its debut EP, 413, released in August of 2013. The rock band is the first ambassador for the “Be Upstanding” campaign for NVEEE.

In its four years of operation, NVEEE has helped thousands of people through its “Not On My Watch” program for bullying and harassment prevention. The non-profit organization’s mission is to prevent violence, bullying and suicide among the youth, communities and families. It does this through prevention education, direct service and mentorships.

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