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Eaters Shares ‘Moment of Inertia’ Audio-Visual Project

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Photo by Steven Probert

New York‘s electronic band Eaters is made up of sound engineer Jonathan Schenke, multi-instrumentalist Bob Jones, and visual artist Christopher Duffy. The trio recently released its Moment of Inertia EP on Driftless Recordings, which is the first music to come from the band since its self-titled debut in April 2014.

Earlier this year, Duffy premiered his audio-visual project duly called Moment of Inertia at Chrysler Museum of Art. The art experiment was on display in NY earlier this month and will hit other cities in North America later in the year.

According to a press release, the Moment of Inertia sound sculpture:

An audio-visual experiment from the group Eaters, conceived by visual artist and group member Christopher Duffy. A large cylinder of glass serves as a manually-spun platter for an altered turntable, playing an original composition cut to acetate (cut by Josh Bonati). Void of a motor of any sort, the turntable slows over the course of the composition, eventually coming to a complete stop. Throughout the experience, tempo and pitch fluctuate, exploring perceptions of speed, elasticity, and entropy.

Watch and listen below…

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