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Coming Soon: Lawn Gnome Publishing’s ‘LIVE At the Barbecue’

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The hip-hop beat in the heart of Phoenix is expected to get loud at Lawn Gnome Publishing’s “…At the Barbecue,” an event to be hosted on the third Saturday of every month beginning Oct. 20.

“One part talk show, one part game show, another part for live hip-hop, and one more for community,” the uncensored and all-ages event is for hip-hop virtuosos and novices alike. Mike Cause (of Drunken Immortals and Clown Shoes) and DJ Catalyst (OTFS Radio, Blunt Club) will play hosts to the events, which will include guests Joey G and The Insects.

Hip-hop is more than a musical genre, it is a culture and community that began in the streets of New York City but extends beyond its birthplace. “This show will be a stimulus package for community building and a fireworks extravaganza for real hip-hop lovers in Phoenix.”

Those unable to attend can experience the show through a live broadcast on Ustream or watch the edited version on The Flip Side, Pholx and Lawn Gnome websites.

Lawn Gnome Publishing is an independent publishing house and bookstore based out of Roosevelt Row Arts District in Phoenix. Since its 2004 inception, Lawn Gnome has been dedicated to supporting up-and-coming creatives. For more information about the company or monthly event, follow Lawn Gnome Publishing on Facebook.

Live At the Barbecue, Lawn Gnome Publishing, Live at the BBQ, At the BBQ, At the Barbecue, Phoenix hip-hopWHO: Hosted by Mike Cause and DJ Catalyst, featuring Joey G and The Insects, open to all ages

WHAT: “LIVE At the Barbecue,” “Be prepared to smell good food, drink with friends, feel the rhythm, spit some rhymes, and laugh out loud late into the evening for a five spot.”

WHERE: Lawn Gnome Publishing, 905 N. 5th St.

WHEN: Third Saturday of every month from 8 PM-3 AM, beginning Oct. 20

WHY: “This is definitely / for the brothers / who ain’t here / who woulda said / I had to write a poem / about this get together / like a list of names / on a memorial / to celebrate / our own old-timers day / for those of us / who age in hood years / where one night / can equal the rest of your life / and surviving the trade off / was worth writing on the wall / and telling the world / that we were here forever” – “Crazy Bunch Barbecue” by Willie Perdermo

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