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Coming Soon: Bringing it Together Like Pangæa Compilation

Animation courtesy of Dive and Discover

Good ole Pangæa, the supercontinent that once was, is back again…sort of. Bringing it Together Like Pangæa is a forthcoming compilation of music by Phoenix and Los Angeles bands.

The project, courtesy of Treasure Mammal, will include a 12” vinyl record that features six Phoenix bands on one side and seven Los Angeles bands on the other. The vinyl will be released by Kingdom Mammalia Records and is expected in late spring or early summer. It will be available for preorder in mid-March.

All of the tracks will be unreleased and therefore, super special. Follow Treasure Mammal on Facebook to stay up to date on the project.

Bringing it Together Like Pangea lineup:


Andrew Jackson Jihad

Minibosses featuring I Hate You When You’re Pregnant

Space Alien Donald

Treasure Mammal


Fathers Day

Los Angeles

Hawnay Troof




Ezra Buchla/ Corey Fogel

Andrew Tholl



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