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Far Brighter Day Compilation Record

Waylon Jennings could not have known that more than 20 years after releasing “Hey Willie,” a compilation record promoting Arizona musicians would be named after a lyric from the song.

Hey Willie, let’s pack up and catch us a slow train / and head back to Phoenix, to a far brighter day / where stars were for shining in the Arizona sky / and music meant more than fortune or fame.

Tempe-based record label The Color Group and local promoter Ami “Queen Bee” Johnson recently announced the forthcoming record Far Brighter Day. The compilation, due in August, will feature promising local acts including St Ranger, The Love Me Nots, Sister Cities, Future Loves Past, Factories, Kinch, Dry River Yacht Club, What Laura Says, Wooden Indian, and Matthew Reveles & Fancy Cloud.

“This esteem that we hold for the local musicians that we love simply could not be manifested on one vinyl record, so we do plan on continuing Far Brighter Day as a series of compilations in order to highlight the wide variety of artists we have grown attached to over the years,” reads The Color Group’s website.

In celebration of the release, Yucca Tap Room will be hosting a weekend of shows with all of the musicians on the record. Follow Far Brighter Day on Facebook to stay current on news and events.


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