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‘Circus Electronica: Singularity’: EDM Circus Headed to Tucson, Gilbert

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If you ever contemplated what an EDM-themed circus would be like, this article is for you. This month, Circus Electronica: Singularity is coming to two cities in Arizona. The event, which is being described as “Electric Daisy Festival meets Cirque du Soleil,” will take place on Oct. 24 at Fox Theatre in Tucson and Oct. 25 at Highley Center for the Performing Arts in Gilbert.

This is the only known live event of its kind to fuse modern EDM (electronic dance music) with European-style circus entertainment. The show’s electronic score was composed by Brooklynite Ben Talmi at Virtue and Vice Studios in New York. The 80-minute performance includes mixes and remixes of various genres of music, as well as eye-catching circus acts to further heighten the audience’s senses. Eleven venues across the country will play host to the debut tour.

According to a press release:

Circus Electronica: Singularity represents a bold step forward in electronic music production by taking audiences on a journey that explores the relationship between humans and the computers they are dependent on. The focus is on Oni, a girl who wakes to consciousness and realizes she has been transported to a world inside the Machine. There she comes face to face with the Arbiter, who escorts her through the Inner Circuitry and forces her to confront some of modern life’s essential questions: What makes us human? At what point, augmented by our own inventions, does a human become something more?

Still unsure of what to expect? Check out the video teaser below and let us know what you think in the comments…

For more information, visit the official event website. Tickets are still available for both Arizona dates and range between $20 and $70.

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