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Arizona Tunes Offers New Way to Buy Music

Last week, River Jones Music Label posted about a new website aimed at keeping things local, in more ways than one. The website is called Arizona Tunes and if the name is not suggestive enough, here’s the scoop:

The claim is that¬†iTunes takes 30 percent of revenue made from online sales. Yes, 30 percent. That’s a quarter and a nickel, $0.30, of $1. Or 2.4 slices from a not-large-enough, eight-sliced pizza. But most importantly, it’s 30 percent of money that “leaves the community forever,” suggests the AZ Tunes site.

The solution to this problem may be found in the project’s mission statement: “We are working to make a local alternative to iTunes.” With a goal to keep things Arizona based, take less than 2.4 slices of the doughy pie and promote the close-to-home art communities, it’s exciting to consider the project’s potential.

Although the website is new, releases from more than a dozen artists, many of which are on the River Jones Music Label, are available for purchase and streaming. Musicians interested in having their work released on the site should send high-quality album zips and cover art to ArizonaTunes[at]gmail[dot]com.  Keep up to date with everything related to the new venture via Facebook.

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