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Apollo-M to Offer Unlimited Music Lessons for $4.95/Month

Apollo-M,, indiegogo campaign, music lessons online, online music lessonsIf music lessons were available for only $5 a month, would you challenge yourself to learn how to play a new instrument? What if said lessons were unlimited and available on your computer, smartphone or tablet for added convenience? If you answered “yes,” Apollo-M is for you.

There are thousands of websites online that offer music lessons, but none quite like Apollo-M. has planned to bring a new subscription-based platform for music students, teachers and professionals alike. Apollo-M will give people access to all the digital tools, professionals and music lessons they might need to learn a new instrument and maybe even achieve their musical dreams. At what cost? Only $4.95 a month (free for teachers). Think of this platform as a peer among Oyster (eBooks), Netflix (film) or Spotify (music). Through Apollo-M, users (whether online or offline) can:

• Get unlimited access to thousands of music instrument lessons with video and audio
• Access podcasts, web TV shows, live concerts, bios and documentaries about learning and playing music
• Purchase over 250,000 sheet music downloads, music products and accessories at a substantial discount
• Play along with 3D game-like music instrument animations and get interactive feedback on how well they have played a piece of music
• Practice performances with band backing tracks
• Record and mix their own compositions, then upload them for others to hear
• Tune their instruments and use the chord and scale finder to improve repertoire
• Network with a worldwide community of music students, teachers and music professionals
• Locate and connect with teachers or students in their local area or set up live video lessons
• Upload, share, discuss and customize lessons and lesson plans and provide feedback to students
• Share in the revenue generated from memberships and pay-per-view, user-generated lesson content

To help fund the Apollo-M project, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to earn $100,000 by Dec. 23. Contributors will be thanked in a variety of ways — from a “thank you” shoutout to free subscriptions. To learn more about Apollo-M plans and contribute to the cause, visit the campaign page here.

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