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And the Beat Goes on: Drummers Dead in November

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Death is inevitable. But at The Spec, we share this sentiment with Neil Strauss: “Everyone loves you when you’re dead.”

Find out more about some famous drummers who died in November…

Eddie Hoh, dead at 71

Edward “Eddie” Hoh was a rock drummer from Illinois. He was most active during the 1960s, performing as a studio session and touring musician. His music career involved performing with Donovan, The Monkees, The Mamas and the Papas, and other notable acts. He is featured on numerous well-known rock albums and songs. Hoh stepped away from performing and recording in the 1970s.

Brandon Carlisle, dead at 37

Drummer Brandon Carlisle and his brother Ray were the founding members of Teenage Bottlerocket, a Wyoming punk rock band that formed in 2001. Over the past 14 years, the band released six studio albums. The most recent LP, Tales from Wyoming, came out in March 2015.

Bogdan Enache, age unknown

Bogdan Enache, also known as as Bogdan Lavinius, was a member of the Romanian metal core act Goodbye to Gravity. The Bucharest-based band formed in 2011 and remained active until this year, following a tragic accident that killed four of the five band members, including Enache. This year, the band began working on its sophomore album, which was to include more sci-fi elements.

Andy White, dead at 85

Andrew White was a Scottish session musician. He was given the nickname the “fifth Beatle” after filling in for Ringo Starr on the drums for the first Beatles single “Love Me Do.” White is featured on the 7” single release in the states, which was also on Please Please Me. He is also the drummer on “P.S. I Love You,” the B-Side of “Love Me Do.” Aside from The Beatles, White also performed with popular musicians from the UK and US, such as: Tom Jones, Herman’s Hermits and Chuck Berry.

Phil Taylor, dead at 61

Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor was a rock ’n’ roll drummer best known as a member of the heavy metal band Motörhead. He performed and recorded with the British band from 1975 to 1984 and 1987 to 1992. Taylor is featured on 10 studio albums and the live record No Sleep ’til Hammersmith. During his career, he played with Waysted; formed the band Operator with Brian Robertson; served as a touring band member for Frankie Miller; occasionally played for Mick Farren and The Deviants; and more much.

Svein Christiansen, dead at 74

Seven Christiansen, also known as “Chrico,” was a Norwegian jazz drummer. He learned to play the drums at a young age and performed in different Oslo-based bands. His discography includes releases with numerous acts, including Terje Rypdal, Karin Krog & Friends, Øystein Sunde, Radka Toneff, Jan Eggum, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Jens Wendelboe Big Band and many others.

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