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The Smoking Bells ‘Good Woman’

The Smoking Bells

“We all dream about an ideal that doesn’t exist at some point in time during our lives. Where the process of aspiring to an unattainable archetype – intended to be simply a means – becomes an end unto itself.”


The Smoking Bells, “Barbra Streisand‘s favourite band,” is set to release Sleeptalk on March 4. “Good Woman” is the lead single from the forthcoming release, which is based around “sleeping and waking worlds.” As a child, Darius Byrne experienced sleep paralysis. This still fascinates him today and so the band decided to feature recordings of Andrew Eyles talking in his sleep throughout this new album.

“We took the summer of 2015 to refine the concept and tried to create a mood that personified all the ecstasy and dread that is associated with a world that truly comes alive when one falls asleep.”

Listen to “Good Woman” below and share your thoughts in the comments…


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