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MP3s: Bronze Candidate to Release Not Applicable

Cover art by RACKxSTACK

Bronze Candidate, one half of the hip-hop group Shining Soul, is ready to showcase his personal sound. On May 29, Candidate will release his debut solo beat project titled Not Applicable. The 40-minute, 17-track release is a portfolio of Candidate’s creative work and a clear reflection of his musical influences.

A few tracks remind me of early Neptunes, others I imagine Q-Tip rapping on, and most bring a vibe I associate with artists such as Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def.

Not Applicable is familiar, but imaginative. It’s hip-hop and neo-soul. And while the sound may call to mind well-established musicians, it is wholly Bronze, the best candidate.

Below, listen to and download two tracks from the forthcoming release produced and mixed by Bronze Candidate…

Song: Misty
DOWNLOAD TRACK (right click, save as)

Song: Glock
DOWNLOAD TRACK (right click, save as)


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