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MP3s: New Releases, Vol. II

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Each day, The Spec‘s email is flooded with new releases by artists across the globe. Although it’s impossible for us to review each and every one, we know there’s too many good songs and albums that fly under our radar and we’d like to share them with you.

Below, listen to new mp3s from genres across the board…

Soft Touch “Swim in the Night” feat. Silya

Morgan Z of Chrome Canyon and Mark Palgy of VHS or Beta joined forces in 2012 to form Soft Touch, a bi-costal production duo. Electronic track “Swim in the Night” features Norwegian singer Silya.

Cultfever “Gloria”

Brooklyn electro pop duo Cultfever released its debut in 2011 and followed that with an EP in 2013. Now, putting the finishing touches on a new release due out in 2015, the band has released “Gloria.”

Teenage Wildlife “Come On And Shoot”

London-based musician John Wright makes melodic dub under the name Teenage Wildlife. Debut album, The Degenerate Art Exhibition, is due out in 2015.

Down Boy “Brothaman”

Brothaman” is the first single off Down Boy‘s upcoming album due out in 2015. The Nashville rockers make music best described as a piece of toast. It’s got a little butter, a little crunch, and a lot of JAM!!

Milton Star “Salvation”

Alan Wyllie and Graeme Currie, known as Milton Star, write and record a blend of indie and dark country in a converted church. “Salvation” is the band’s debut track.

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