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MP3s: Small Feet ‘One at the Helm,’ ‘Rivers,’ ‘All and Everyone’

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From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean is the debut album from Small Feet, a musical project led by Simon Stålhamre and backed by Jacob Snavely (bass) and Christopher Cantillo (drums).

At a young age, Stålhamre separated himself from others. He grew up in Sweden where he quit school at age 15. This marked the beginning of many years spent as a recluse. Stålhamre learned through watching television, even teaching himself English by tuning into American shows. He also spent these younger years exploring his natural draw to music, writing a collection of songs that he kept in a closet at his parents’ home — never expecting to share them with others.

Snavely, an ex-pat American, met Stålhamre through mutual friends and encouraged him to focus more on his musical talent. After inheriting a historical, 18th-century cabin on an island in Stockholm from his uncle, Stålhamre felt another big push to create music. He converted the cabin into a recording studio where he, Snavely and drummer Christopher Cantillo made music. “Kvastis’ inspiration, coupled with Cantillo and Snavely’s assistance, helped Stålhamre finally discover an energy within him that even he couldn’t self-sabotage,” reads a press release.

In his debut release, Stålhamre modestly covers intellectual and emotional material. The singles “One at the Helm,” “Rivers” and “All and Everyone” give a glimpse of the haunting and powerful songwriting Stålhamre has mastered over the years and is finally willing to share. From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean comes out Aug. 7 via Barsuk Records.

Listen to the tracks below…

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