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MP3s: New Releases, Vol. III

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Each day, The Spec‘s email is flooded with new releases by artists across the globe. Although it’s impossible for us to review each and every one, we know there’s too many good songs and albums that fly under our radar and we’d like to share them with you.

Below, listen to new mp3s from genres across the board…

Dream Cult “Breathe”

Pogo-pop. That is what the Mississippi-based band Dream Cult is prepared to bring to the masses. Scheduled to release its debut LP later this year, the quintet has shared a single called “Breathe.” It’s an agreeable, indie pop-rock song that encourages dance floor action.

In a press release, guitarist and vocalist Hayden Boyd says, ”’Breathe’ is about keeping your composure during times of stress and the inner struggle that comes along with that. I also wanted to convey the importance of giving everything you’ve got to make a relationship work. We wanted the song to be upbeat and energetic but still have serious and relatable lyrics.”

The Naturalists ”What Puts You to Sleep”

This July 28, NY’s The Naturalists will release its Home Honey I’m Hi EP. The EP was recorded during the harshly cold east coast winter at Quiet Country Audio with Paul Besch. Rather than a setback, the cold weather proved to be an intensifier. The four tracks on the release are said to be raucous, consisting of fevered guitars, lyrics that ventilate relationship woes, electric energy and more.

On “What Puts You to Sleep,” the newest single from the trio, guitarist and singer Craig Perno says: “This is the newest one on the EP, It’s a bit heavier and the lyrics are kind of cryptic. It’s about that weird feeling you get when you wake up after a dream, but you can’t remember the dream. Sometimes I’ll wake up with this weird feeling from a dream the night before but I can never remember the dream.”

High Tides ”Coastal Cruise 86”

Hazy, chilled-out and blissful are ways to describe “Coastal Cruise 86” by the High Tides duo. Warren Kroll and Steven Lutes will release their self-titled album under this moniker on Tom Fec’s Rad Cult label on July 31. The track is sexy in a “too blessed to be stressed” or “b*tch don’t kill my vibe” way. If you don’t succumb to the energy and finish the track glazed in serenity, maybe you are a robot. Think about it.

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