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MP3s: Miniature Tigers ‘Oblivious,’ ‘Used to be the Shit’

Miniature Tigers releases "Oblivious" and "Used to be the Shit" off album Cruel Runnings

Former local band Miniature Tigers is bringing back the ’80s in its two new singles off the upcoming album, Cruel Runnings. The song “Oblivious” makes me want to break out an old Casio keyboard and start wailing away. Listening to it I can’t shake the feeling of being at a high school dance. I can practically see Molly Ringwald in the scene of Pretty in Pink realizing that Ducky is in fact a “cool kid.”

The lyrics even coincide with an ’80s movie, “Lately I’ve been feeling like a blown out birthday candle, one look in the mirror and I know the party’s over” (Sixteen Candles, anyone?). It is a very keyboard-driven single with lots of synth and effects that would make A-ha envious.

The second single, “Used To Be the S**t” has the same contrasting texture as “Oblivious”– poppy chords with smooth vocals. With a more modern twist they sing, “our love was warm like a VHS tape of Aladdin, now our love’s so cold, laserdisc of Cruel Intentions.”

Don’t worry Miniature Tigers, you’re still the shit.


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