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MP3s: Fort Lean ‘I Don’t Mind,’ ‘Quiet Day’

Fort Lean new music, quiet day, i don't mind

Fort Lean formed over a decade ago at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Since then, the band has released two EPs, performed alongside notable indie acts, and relocated to Brooklyn, where it is currently based. Come June 2, Fort Lean will finally release its much-anticipated debut album, Quiet Day. Last year, the band gave us “Cut to the Chase” as a teaser to the LP, which is slated for a June 2 release on Ooh La La Records.

Two singles released this year, “Quiet Day” and “I Don’t Mind,” show the different dimensions of the quintet. The title track is as moody and pensive as its name suggests. “Please don’t be afraid / of the things I can’t explain / Let’s just act like everything’s OK,” Keenan Mitchell sings in a disquieted tone. It’s a slow and steady track that probably plays best in a hushed setting. “I Don’t Mind” is a rousing track that will beckon listeners to move with its flashy synth, hand claps and illuminating guitar chords. If these tracks foreshadow what is to come, listeners should expect an intoxicating debut.

“Fort Lean projects itself into the vague physical space suggested by its name. Here they have forged an identity and established roles that sidestep the hierarchy of traditional bands,” reads a press release. “Jake, on bass, is the visionary technician; Zach, on guitar, is the big-picture conceptualizer; Sam is that rare drummer with compositional knack; Keenan, the singer, is the guiding soul of the group; Will, on keys, is the finisher, the closer, the icing. But while these roles do exist, it’s never quite clear who is doing what.”

The band has shared stages with HAIM, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Future Islands. Arizona fans will have the opportunity to see Fort Lean live with Chappo and Yukon Blonde at Valley Bar on July 18. Tickets, $12-$14, are still available here.

Give the tracks a listen before the release of the album next month…

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