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MP3s: Braids ‘Taste,’ ‘Miniskirt’

BRAIDS, Deep in the Iris, Braids Miniskirt, Braids Taste

Photo by Landon Speers

Braids, the experimental pop trio from Montreal, will release its third album, Deep in the Iris, on April 28 via Arbutus Records and Flemish Eye.

The group recently debuted two singles off the forthcoming album, “Miniskirt” and “Taste.” In “Miniskirt,” the topic of slut-shaming is at the forefront. It’s not difficult to read between the lines here. The track starts off calm with the soft-spoken singing of Raphaelle Standell but grows in intensity as it goes on, becoming more present and expressive. “You feel you’ve the right to touch me / ’cause I asked for it in my little mini skirt / think you can have it,” Standell sings. “My little miniskirt / it’s mine all mine.” It’s a powerful song, an anthem, that syncs important issues of the day with catchy synth-soaked music.

Deep in the Iris, Braids“Taste” offers a softer, smooth ambience with its airy electronics. It, too, is introspective and has thinking-out-loud lyrics about love and relationships. “‘Cause we experience the love that we think we deserve and I guess I thought I didn’t need much from this world/ so I left you, but you’re exactly what I like,” Standell reveals.

For the recording of the third album, the three members voyaged to various retreats in Arizona, upstate New York and Vermont. This time spent surrounded by mountains and trees saw the bandmates surrendering to the unflinching honesty of nature and opening up in a similar way. They became closer in their relationships with each other and through that, were able to produce a record that explores heavy topics in a warm and full-bodied way. “Deep In The Iris, their strongest record to date – powerful, yet fragile; immaculately sculpted, but deeply human,” reads a press release.

Formed in Calgary circa 2007, the band is made up of Standell, Taylor Smith and Austin Tufts. In support of this new release, the trio recently announced US tour dates with Purity Ring, a band in the same vein.

Listen to both of the singles below and let us know what you think in the comments…

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