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MP3: Young Ejecta ‘Welcome to Love’


Singer-songwriter Leanne Macomber and producer Joel Ford have been a musical team since 2012. The electronic duo named Young Ejecta released its debut album, Dominae, in November 2013. Recently they debuted the single “Welcome to Love,” to be included on their sophomore album titled The Planet, which is due worldwide on Jan. 27 via Driftless Recordings.

“Welcome to Love” is a reality check. It captures all that gets withdrawn during a hard break up and the many expenditures of a broken heart. There’s a bitter rawness to the lyrics that the sparkly music contrasts. Young Ejecta makes breaking up feel more manageable — perhaps it’s because the vulnerable lyrics sang by Macomber lie so comfortably on the smooth electronic bed arranged by Ford. Whatever the case, it seems the band has more to say on similar realities of life. The forthcoming Planet album is being described as the “expressionistic marrying of ambient omniscient storytelling and seductive glittery unrestrained dance floor mayhem.”

Below, stream the new track (album artwork is NSFW) and let us know what you think of it in the comments…

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