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MP3: Wetwood Smokes ‘A Better Man’

Wetwood Smokes releases single "A Better Man"

Wetwood Smokes hails from southern California and despite the fact that the band hasn’t released its debut album, Earth Tones & Red, it is already starting to make a name in the indie LA scene.

The trio met when playing for another artist and have been creating musical fusion ever since, performing with bands like Panic at the Disco. In honor of its June release of Earth Tones & Red, the band is streaming its new single,”A Better Man” “for free.

After listening to this song on repeat, I have come to the conclusion that if Neon Trees and Airborne Toxic Event had a love child it would be this song. The vocals are reminiscent of Neon Trees frontman and the instrumentation could be, well, any indie pop/rock song made within the last ten years. While the song lacks originality with its cliché lyrics about a relationship falling apart and not being able to be the “better man,” and a predictable guitar riff that rarely changes, it is super catchy and even has some “oohs” you can sing along too.

Wetwood Smokes sounds perfect for mainstream radio and perfect for the seemingly never-changing indie pop rock scene. Pre-order Earth Tones & Red, out June 10, on iTunes.

What do you think of the new single? Sound off in the comments.

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