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MP3: Warm Soda ‘I Wanna Go Fast’

Warm Soda band, Warm Soda Music, I Wanna Go Fast

I Wanna Go Fast” is the type of power-pop that one might expect from Warm Soda, an Austin-based band that also dabbles in garage rock and glam styles.

The two-minute song is the newest single from the Mathew Melton-led four piece. It will be featured on Symbolic Dream, the third Warm Soda LP that is due May 4 on Castle Face Records. “I Wanna Go Fast” is an infectious anthem that mentions broken rules and wasted youth but centers on Melton singing “I wanna go fast” like a psalm and offering a strung-on-young sermon that is sure to bring on new believers.

Listen to the single below and tell us what you think in the comments…

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