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MP3: The Voyeurs ‘Stunners’

The Voyeurs, Stunners, mp3

UK band The Voyeurs, formerly known as Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs, released its second album, Rhubarb Rhubarb, on Nov. 10 through Heavenly Recordings. The single “Stunners” acts as a great preview to the work on this release. The title of the track comes from a now-closed transvestite nightclub located near the band’s recording space, and presents itself as a sort of lost Lou Reed track. It would perfectly accent a night filled with boys being girls, girls being boys, and everyone having a great time.

Stunners” comes across as a little more perfected and affected by the studio touch than the group’s debut album, which held a grittier, live-performance feel. In the case of many bands and albums, this could be viewed as a complaint, but for The Voyeurs, it seems to be an indication of growth. The music video fits the song perfectly, appearing to place the band in a performance at the aforementioned club, providing the perfect lens through which to view the track. The song is seen as it is meant to be — performed in some dimly lit club, filled with fog and flashing lights in a perfect psychedelic decadence.

Listen to the single below and let us know if you like it enough to further explore Rhubarb Rhubarb…

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